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Gambling in the Netherlands

Gambling in the Netherlands

When talking about gambling in the Netherlands, we all concentrate more on the casinos and the current changes that are happening in the field of EURO casino online sites, but did you know that the Netherlands has the oldest lottery in the world? With more than 3,000 retail lottery outlets, there is no way you can miss playing lottery when you are in the Netherlands. The annual turnover was 737.6 million Euros and that was in 2006, so you can imagine how big the lottery industry of Netherlands is. Plus other nations where lottery is losing its charm, the Netherlands still has a huge fan following when it comes to lottery.

Another form of gambling that is really popular in the Netherlands is sports betting. Even though sports betting is legal here, it does not come under the wing of Holland Casino which is a state run monopoly. The reason behind this exemption is that sports betting is considered as a game of chance. Phew, that is good news!! So for once you won’t see the Holland Casino logo while gambling in the Netherlands. Instead the names that you should look out for are De Lotto and Scientific Games Racing B.V. If you are into sports betting bookmaker-type then it is De Lotto that will give you the best service while for horseracing it is none other than Scientific Games Racing B.V. Well, whether the monopoly in sports betting will eventually be broken is something that we have to wait to see.

While online gamblers for with in the nation want to break free from the monopoly, the government was not all that keen on letting that happen. But things are changing for good. The Netherlands has decided to open its online gambling market to the world after facing pressure from the EU. So if things go according to plan, we will be able to witness the first online casino license being issued by the Netherlands by the end of 2012. If you are wondering what caused the government to suddenly get in the legalization of gambling in the Netherlands online, then the answer is only predictable. It is simply impossible to fight against online casinos and online gambling because it is so popular and so the sensible way to deal with the issue is to regulate and control it. So, the government realized there was no other way to control its residents from gambling at international online casinos, than to tax them and regulate them internally. Wise move!

As for gambling in land based casinos, you are in the right place as gambling in the Netherlands is peppered with casinos small and big. Just remember the legal gambling age here is 18 and once you touch that age you are in a world of casinos of all sizes. The Netherlands casino scene is something that I prefer because I get to have my privacy when I opt for the small casinos that are found here. But do not think less of these small casinos that concentrate on certain games, as they too are true entertainers. The Netherlands is a perfect destination if you are looking at gambling as your main course among other things.

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